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Rampart 26v Floor Battery

Introducing the latest innovation in high-capacity, portable power solutions: The Rampart MXB-R1000. Building on the legacy of the renowned Hawk-Woods X-Boxx series, the Rampart MXB-R1000 is a game-changer in the realm of professional-grade power supplies.

Sony BURANO Hot-Swap adaptor

The Hawk-Woods VL-OCIR elevates the VL-OCI design, integrating 4 D-Tap and a USB-C output for enhanced connectivity..

B-Lok Batteries for Arri Cameras!

Introducing the latest 26v battery mount system to compliment Germanys world famous cinema equipment manufacturer ARRI media products. The B-mount system in 2022 will become ARRI's standardised chosen fitting for new products eliminating the use of the 14v systems.

Sony Venice 2 V-Lok Camera Adaptor

The VL-SV2 has been designed to meet all the demands of powering your Sony Venice 2 camera. The SV2 comes with many features that the end user will find very comforting, firstly a new 100% safe lock-in system has been added to the SV2 which..

RED Raptor Dual Mini V-Lok Adaptor

Hawk-Woods VL-OCI has been specifically designed for use with RED's V-Raptor camera. The camera conveniently provides a V-Mount fitting to allow V-Lok batteries to be directly mounted...

RED Komodo Dual NPF Camera Mount

The DV-KOM fits directly onto the RED Komodo battery fitting plate to the rear of the camera. DV-KOM requires two NPF batteries to be fitted to enable power out.
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We provide documentation for all our flightsafe batteries, make sure you have everything you need before travelling!
Flight Safe Documentation
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Hawk-Woods offer a comprehensive refurbishment & repair service, for Hawk-Woods manufactured broadcast equipment.
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Reel-Power Discontinued
Extremely impressed with the performance and said I probably will not even use the 2x RP-150Ms you loaned as backups as the 4x RP-150Hs are faultless!! Absol...