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Sound and Lighting Operators
Published: Monday 13th July 2015
If you need to run high powered stand-alone broadcast lighting or Sound Equipment, we have a number of solutions available for you that are suited for todays Broadcast Standards.

Sound Recordist

NP1 Solutions
We offer a wide range of NP1 Powering solutions. These include;
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Mini DV Solutions
Our range of Mini DV stand alone power adaptors are a great alternative to using NP1 products. This range of adaptors and chargers use the popular Sony NP-F series, or our own DV-F series.

Radio Mic Holders
We can supply a range of , and . These are available as a standard fitting or for the V-Lok System.

Cables and Plugs
We manufacture a series of and can provide sound recordists with both Cables and plugs.

Mix-Pre 3/6 Power Adaptor
The MixPWR adaptor design specifically for the Sound Devices MixPre slots directly onto the rear of the mixer just like Sound Devices original battery sled, this will click into place to ensure a secure connection. This allows users to power the mixer from a external powering device. For more information look here: 

Lighting Operator

Battery boxes
Our cover all the high-powered demands required by professional lighting. There are a range of power output variations available.

Mini DV Power Adaptors
This portable utilises the popular NP-F type battery. Up to 50Watts of power output is available in this form.

Spigot Light stand Power Adaptor
The Spigot adaptors are the latest addition to the extensive Hawk-woods range which make powering LED Panel heads a simple task. The Spigot attaches to 16mm C-Stands, seated between the light fixture and the stand allowing for power to be easily supplied at an arms reach. Check out more here: