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Sony FX9 V-Lok Adaptor Solutions
Published: Thursday 19th December 2019
Due to the release of the much-anticipated Sony FX9 camera the demand for a Hawkwoods power adaptor to be designed was a top priority for many FX9 customers.

There will be two options available in V-Mount (VLM-FX9) and Gold Mount (AB-FX9) these offer the user numerous power outputs for powering further accessories which are not provided directly from the Sony FX9 itself. Outputs included are 2x Power-con (D-Tap) which provide nominal battery voltage, 1x USB 5V and the FX9 power lead sending power directly into the cameras DC Port. This allows the use of standard 14.4v V-mount batteries and Gold Mount batteries directly into the camera.

Mechanically both the VLM-FX9 and AB-FX9 fit the Sony FX9 camera the same as the SONY-XDCA-FX9 extension unit would, so stability is ensured and movement is non-existent. The adaptor is fully secured into place via two supplied screws which attach to the rear of the camera body beneath the removable camera plate.

A further feature that has been included on both the VLM-FX9 and AB-FX9 is a low voltage LED warning which will blink red when the battery is becoming low on volts. This added benefit will give users enough notice that their battery is nearly fully discharged, as the camera will not be able to determine the regulated voltage.

Camera Fitting
8.4 x 12 x 8 cm

Both Hawkwoods FX9 adaptors are cross compatible with other manufacturers batteries, however for size, weight and sheer power we do recommend the Hawkwoods Mini battery system with the VL-M150 providing approximately 4 and half hours runtime.

The VLM-FX9 and AB-FX9 begin shipping from Mid-January, please contact your local dealer now to pre-order. For more information contact +44(0)1233 638715 or