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Sony A7S Underwater Housing Battery
Published: Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Hawk-Woods latest custom design, is unique to the Sony A7S underwater housing. One of our customers recently came to us regarding the battery life of their Sony A7S, they had been using the underwater housing and wanted a solution, so they were able to have extended run times with the camera whilst on shoot.

The customer came to Hawk-Woods with his unit and the camera, we came up with the LR-16U, which runs a dummy battery LR-16 then 34cm of cable which can be neatly tucked into the housing, running to the top of the housing unit, where the alcove allowed perfect space for our DV-F550 to be attached to the DV contact holder wired to the cable to allow power. Note may be worth using a touch of Velcro to secure battery in place, so no movement is made at all. This will fit flush inside the housing, still allowing the user to close the door of the housing!

This enabled the user longer battery life for the A7S, which meant longer times underwater shooting !

Please refer to our LR-16U or call us on 01233 638 715