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Hawk-Woods - Shogun Flame and Inferno Battery Fitting
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Shogun Flame and Inferno Battery Fitting
Published: Thursday 4th May 2017
Due to the power demand required to power Atomos monitors for a lengthy period of time, MDV batteries do not run this for as long as most would like, Hawk-Woods have been asked to develop a battery fitting solutions for the Shogun Flame and Inferno.The adaptor allows the use of V-Lok & Anton Bauer batteries to power the monitor, using a dual dummy MDV fitting on the rear of the adaptor plate the fitting fits into the monitors original battery compartment but has been improved to make the battery weight more central. For removing the V-Lok or Anton plate, this requires the normal method of how you would remove the MDV batteries.Power is fed into the monitor via the DC input.

Also included on the fittings are additional Power-con outputs which are ideal for powering Transmitters/Receivers or further accessories which require power. Access to the Hard drive slot and the SDI inputs/outputs are not obscured.
Monitor Fitting
Monitor Fitting
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