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Hot Shoe Power Camera System Overview
Published: Friday 28th August 2015
Hot Shoe Mount Camera System Overview

Hot Shoe Mount System: Overview

The Hot Shoe Mount System from Hawk-Woods is a range of products allowing you to maximize the potential of a standard camera hot shoe fitting. The system features multi-functional hot shoe mount adaptors compatible with all types of cameras. With various mounting options, some adaptors in the range allow you to mount and power multiple on-board equipment. This could include radio mics, lamps and hard disk recorders.

The HB-A1 is the most basic version of the Hot shoe mount adaptors. Once attached via a simple hot shoe fitting, it will provide an additional three hot shoe mounts. This allows the operator to mount multiple hardware together. This could be a combination of equipment, including, radio mics, lamps and hard disks.

As well as providing three the hot shoe mounts, the HB-B1 Hot shoe mount features an NP-F battery fitting and two power outputs. This allows the user to both mount and power on-board equipment. A rear mounted DC input also means mounted equipment can be powered from an external power-source.

The HB-C1 Hot Shoe mount offers the same features as the HB-B1, but is compatible with the Sony BP-U type battery offering a higher output capacity.

The HC-1 Hot-Clamp is a single hot shoe clip adaptor designed to conveniently clamp on to the handle of most cameras. With a simple clip feature, the lightweight and robust Hot-Clamp allows the user to mount an additional piece of on-board hardware. This could be another power source adaptor,such as the HB-B1/C1 Hot-Blocs.