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Gripper 15mm Bar Battery System
Published: Wednesday 4th November 2015
The new Gripper Series are the first range of batteries specifically designed for use on today's professional without the need for any additional brackets or clamps to mount the battery.Available are two options; 75W & 100W batteries covering the needs of today's camera operators. Each battery is fitted with two power-con (D-Taps) outputs as standard and can easily be increased by simply plugging in a 4 way gripper adaptor to either socket. An LED fuel gauge will show the user the remaining capacity of the battery. Each battery has been UN tested for safe airlines; and are suitable for transportation on passenger aircraft as carry-on luggage.

Each Gripper battery have been designed using high impact ABS casing, fitted with premium Lithium-Ion cells, which in turn are backed up by the latest in protection systems to guarantee a long and reliable performance over many years. This unique Gripper system has a patent pending covering the design with its ability to instantly be mounted to in one easy action.