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Welcome to Hawk-Woods

As a company with over 25 years experience and knowledge in the Broadcast Industry we offer a wide range of products for camera operators, sound recordists and lighting engineers. Ranging from broadcast camera batteries, chargers, power adaptors, cables and plugs.

Mini V-Lok Batteries
Mini V-Lok BatteriesThe mini battery system offers you everything the standard size battery but in a mini V-Lok case offers the perfect solution if you want longer run ti...
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Reel-Power Arri Approved LF Battery system!
Hawk-Woods Reel-Power batteries offer great service life employing four contacts to carry the power, unlike many 14v systems that rely simply on two which are prone to re...
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X-Boxx Atom Series Charger
The X-Boxx Atom Series (XBA) are the latest in desktop chargers made to work with our own high capacity X-Boxx batteries, suitable for power hungry cameras or studio ...
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Gripper 15mm Bar Battery System
GripperOverview The new Gripper Series are the first range of batteries specifically designed for use on today’s professional “rigs” without the need for any additi...
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Sound Devices Power Adaptors
The MixPWR adaptor design specifically for the Sound Devices MixPre slots directly onto the rear of the mixer just like Sound Devices original battery sled, this will cl...
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NP1 High Capacity Batteries!
The new range of NP1 batteries designed to power sound/audio equipment for many hours with ease. Using a new High capacity cell has allowed us to achieve exceptional c...
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SmallHD 503 and 703 V-Lok Monitor Fittings
The VL-MF Monitor fittings allow users to power Small HD's 503 & 703 monitors from V-Lok batteries providing greatly extended run-times. The V-Lok power fitting provides...
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Dual V-Lok Battery Adaptors
The XE Dual Battery Range are ideal for users who wish to run high-powered equipment/lighting up to 200w. The adaptors are finished with a soft leather carry handle, nylo...
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Spigot Light Stand Power Adaptor
The Spigot adaptors are the latest addition to the extensive Hawk-woods range which make powering LED Panel heads a simple task. The Spigot attaches to 16mm C-Stands, sea...
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Atom PSU Power Supply
Hawk-woods APS-150 and APS-240 are a 15v mains power supply which provides the user a continuous 150/240 watts of power, ideal for powering cameras with a high demand ...
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Shogun Flame and Inferno Battery Fitting
Due to the power demand required to power Atomos monitors for a lengthy period of time, MDV batteries do not run this for as long as most would like, Hawk-Woods have b...
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