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8.9 x 4.9 x 3.7 cm
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NP1 Data Runtime Display
Hawk-Woods NP1 data battery system offers communication read outs to feature run-time remaining, percentage of battery and current draw. Over the years NP1 batteries have been solid and very robust offering piece of mind upon powering audio equipment.
Moving forward with this style battery, Hawk-Woods are offering an upgraded NP1 solution to feature the communication to a distribution shoe via a display, all existing kit will still work with the new and improved NP1 setup aslong as at least one NP1 data battery is being used for communication.

To begin with the distribution unit NPD-8S will be available with a display, whilst boasting up to 8x Hirose outputs, six of these switched in three's and two un-switched. Using a different connector as an input allows more current due to Hirose's low current value, meaning you will be able to take power from each Hirose available! A belt clip which can be rotated, will allow you to position the distro ideally within your audio/sound bag!

NP1 data battery offers communication read outs to feature run-time remaining, percentage of battery and current draw. The display will feature this information once a NP1 data battery is connected.

For power in use NPD1 with battery NP-98D and cable LA-8
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"It's given me confidence"
In the location sound business going digital means greater power consumption by many of the new breed of mixer/recorders and digital RF systems. With that in mind it has become increasingly important to know your battery status when on location and often recording for hours at a time without a break. Hawkwoods have now introduced smart technology to their tried and tested NP1 range of Li-Ion batteries so that when I am on location be it a football stadium or on the side of a Yorkshire hillside I can be confident in the runtime of my gear and reduce the number of spare batts that I need to carry 'just in case'.

The great thing for me is that I don't need to buy a whole new set of NP1s.Given the high consumption of the gear in my bag I have been running two NP1s for a few years now, Hawkwoods have designed their solution so that only a single 'smart' NP1 need be used whilst the second NP1 can be of any brand and chemistry thus reducing the cost to change. Of course, you can also use a single smart NP1 with half the run time if you prefer.

For me it's given me confidence to know how long I have and therefore plan accordingly whilst also providing much needed additional 4pin Hirose sockets in my bag for the ever increasing number of devices that I now carry and need to be powered.
Oliver Machin
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