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New to the market, our range of replacement BP-U batteries offers a high-quality direct replacement alternative to Sonys BP-U batteries.

Unlike many other replacements available, the BP-30U, BP-60U and BP-75U use the original electrical contacts to provide power, rather than a flying lead for the user to connect to the devices DC input. This means our batteries can be used to power various devices without the need for adaptor cables or additional accessories.

Our BP-U replacement batteries are able to provide a high rate of discharge which, when combined with the versatility of using the original electrical contacts, makes these batteries a very attractive option for any user.

We also offer 2 chargers for the BP-U battery; the BP-2X2 2-channel simultaneous charger offers portable fast charging, whilst the BP-4X4 provides a dependable solution for those who need to charge multiple batteries at once.