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Introducing a new family range of chargers starting with our NP1, BPU & V-Lok to join our current list of battery chargers.

The perfectly compact ATOM charger surpasses its predecessor with its sleek robust design and lightweight properties whilst still maintaining the original specifications and 60w power supply. Built with ABS construction the ATOM4 Chargers are small, strong & durable, allowing for accidental knocks and drops.

The ATOM range is full of smart features carrying the intelligent LED fuel indicator system which has been neatly recessed into the charger for ultimate protection.
For a full breakdown on the LED patterns please refer to your user manual.

Easily switch between mains and the 60wh power supply 4-pin output which can be ideal for users who are looking to power smaller accessories or getting themselves out of tricky power situations on set.

Available Chargers: